# Using commands

Astro has a lot of commands, and it's useful to know how to use them efficiently.
In most servers there will be a #commands-chat channel, that's where you are going to use Astro's commands.

# Command prefix

To use any Astro command you need to put the prefix before it, which by default is <>.
In case you don't know the prefix in a specific server, you can always tag Astro instead of using the prefix, so for example you can use the help command in two different ways:
1 - <>help
2 - @Astro help

# Command arguments

Some commands might require a set of arguments in order to execute.

If you check the command usage of some commands, you will see that there are two types of arguments:

  • those inside [] parenthesis → are mandatory, you will need to include them when using the command
  • those inside () parenthesis → are optional, you don't have to include them.
    Arguments inside a set of parenthesis can be separated by ||, which stands for or.

An example is the <>permit command, it's usage is the following:

  • <>permit [maximum 10 @user || user name || user ID || @role || role name || role ID]

It can be read as follows: prefix + permit + (maximum 10) user mention or username or user ID or role mention or role name or role ID.

Another example is the <>help command:

  • <>help (command name) Which can be interpreted like so: prefix + help + optionally a command name.

# Command aliases

Most of the commands have aliases which are just a set of abbreviations for the command, for example instead of using <>lock you can also use <>close or <>l, because close and l are aliases of the lock command.
You can see all the aliases of a command with <>help (command name) (<>help lock for example).

# Command restrictions

A command can be:

  • Premium only: usable only in servers which have a premium subscription.
  • Vote locked: you must have voted for Astro on top.gg (opens new window) in the last 24 hours in order to use that command.

# Full command list

A full list of all the Astro commands can be found at this page (opens new window).