# Useful Resources

# Premium

Astro has a premium version which allows professional servers to get the most out of their Voice Channels.
Check out how premium works here.

# Support Server

The Support Server (opens new window) is a cozy place where you can hang out with the Astro Community and where you can ask any question you didn't get an answer for in this documentation.
It's also the place where giveaways are hosted and where you can redeem your prizes that you get when voting for Astro, you can find out more about that in the voting section of this page.

Feel free to join via this link (opens new window).

# Voting for Astro

Voting for Astro on top.gg (opens new window) will help it grow.

Whenever you vote for Astro, you get a random amount of Vote Coins and Astro will send you a DM notifying you about it. You can disable these messages with <>voteNotifications.

Let me introduce the Vote Coins Currency here:

# Vote Coins Currency

# What is that?

That's a system which keeps track of every user who votes for Astro and assigns a certain number of coins to him.

# How do you get vote coins?

Every time you vote on Astro's top.gg page (opens new window), you get a random amount of coins which goes from 0 to 1.

You can check the amount of coins you have with <>profile.

# Special Scenarios

Everytime you vote you have:

  • 1% chance to find a Lucky Coin which is worth 20 coins!
  • 0.5% chance to find a Doubloon which is worth 50 coins!

# What can I do with these coins?

This is yet under development.