# Channel name rate limits

# Since the Discord update that took place the 29th of May 2020, bots are allowed to change channels names a maximum of two times every 10 minutes.

For that reason Astro will not be able to always update the channel name as it should.

# Here is the full announcement made by Mason#1337, a member of the Discord Staff:

Hi everyone--wanted to make official note of the rate limit change on channel updates that was deployed yesterday. While most of you won't notice anything at all, there are known and unknown use cases that this effects.
The new rate limit for channel NAME AND TOPIC updates is 2 updates per 10 minutes, per channel. (Sorry that was unclear at first)

This is reflected in the normal rate limits headers so no library changes should need to happen.
For a bit of context, frequent channel updates have significant impact on our infrastructure and performance, especially in the case of large guilds and mobile clients, hence the limit changes.

I apologize that this went out without a prior announcement. While in general we do not announce rate limit changes as they are dynamically handled by libraries, this change was significant enough to warrant one. If crucial functionality has broken for your implementation because of these changes, please feel free to reach out to me directly (@Mason in the Discord Developers server) so that I can understand!

You can find this announcement by joining the Discord Developers Server (opens new window) and navigating to this link (opens new window).

# What's the impact of this change on Astro?

Because of this breaking change, the VCs name will only be updated a maximum of 2 times every 10 minutes.
The <>rename command will throw an error when the bot can't rename the VC because of this new rate limit.
This also affects the unlocked name, locked name and hidden name.