# Premium

# What do I get with Premium?

Astro Premium offers:

  • 30 VC Generators (instead of 2)
  • 50 Connections (instead of 1)
  • Vote-Lock removed from all commands
  • Dedicated support

# Getting a premium subscription

To get premium for your server you first need to get a premium subscription, you can do that on this page of the Astro's website (opens new window).

There you will be able to choose between monthly and yearly subscription and you can also choose the amount of servers for the subscription.

# Upgrading your server to Premium

Once you got a subscription like explained above, you can go ahead and activate premium for you server simply by running the <>upgrade command.
You can also provide directly the ID of the server to upgrade by providing the server ID in the command, like so: <>upgrade serverID.

# Downgrading a server

If you want to downgrade a server from premium you can use the <>downgrade (or <>downgrade serverID) command.

# Managing your subscription

You can manage your premium subscription directly on the Astro website (opens new window), here are the steps:

  • Login if you didn't already (opens new window)
  • Go to a page where the website navbar is visible, like this one (opens new window) and click on your profile name (the last button of the navbar)
  • A profile card will pop up, now click Billing.
  • From there you will be able to manage your payment info and cancel subscriptions. (Once you cancel a subscription it will last until the next renewal).

# Check your upgraded servers

You can see a list of the servers you upgraded to premium via the <>profile command, or you can check directly if a server is upgraded via the <>premium command.