# Connections

Connections are a way to assign users a role whenever they join a specific VC or a VC under a specific category.


With the free version of Astro you have up to 1 Connection for your server, while with Premium you have up to 50.

# Creating a Connection

Simply run the interactive command <>connection create (or access it from the <>connection panel).


You can make it so whenever a user joins a generated VC it gets a role by creating a Connection on the Generator.
You can then make the Astro Interface visible only to that connected role (with Discord Permissions) so that only users inside a generated VC are able to use the interface.

This is just an example of how connections can be used.

Another example can be connecting the Music VCs to a role and make the music commands channels visible only to that role so that users will not see those commands channels unless they need to use them, which will make your server look a lot cleaner.

# Editing a Connection

You can edit a Connection settings via its edit panel accessible at <>connection edit or via the <>connection panel.
Here is the list of things you can edit:

# Channel

The channel / category for the Connection.

# Role

The connected role.

# Join action

Whether Astro should assign or remove the connected role to the users who join the connected channel.

# Deleting a Connection

Use the <>connection panel or directly <>connection delete to delete a Connection.