# Understanding private VCs

# Private & Temporary VCs

The main function of Astro is creating temporary & private VCs, but what does this mean?

  • private means that the member which creates the VC owns it and can fully control it
  • temporary means that when everyone leaves the VC it gets automatically deleted

# How to create a VC?

To create your own VC in a server you will need to locate a VC Generator.
A VC Generator is what allows users to create these unique VCs, to locate one of these generators in a server, you can use the <>generator list command, which will list all the VC Generators of the server.

# The VC Owner

The VC Owner is the user which owns the VC, and he's the only one able to customize its settings.

When a VC is created, the owner will be the user that created the VC and if he leaves, the owning will be passed to another random user inside that VC.
The new owner will probably receive a message notifying him that he got the ownership of the channel, it's possible to disable these messages with <>ownerNotifications.

You can quickly check who is the owner by using the <>vcInfo command.